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 It’s an all day place! Breakfast with French pastries and coffee. Lunch & brunch with sandwiches, salads, fresh fish of the day, and more. Signature dishes with French Mediterranean flavors for dinner accompanied with a European wine list!

Let’s travel through the flavors of our signature dishes! In Morocco with the traditional Kefta Tajine, In Italy with a bistecca alla Fiorentina specialty in extra opulent truffle sauce, the famous linguini scampi with colossal shrimps, enjoy our Lobster pasta gratin signature.

 In France with the famous Riviera sandwich, gratin dauphinois, fish of the day under elegant  butter sauce, fresh cut salads dressing special vinaigrette and all seasonal signature dishes. Let’s fall under the spell of our sweet specialty “ the mousse au chocolat”, gelato and pie of the day! Come as you are and enjoy our homemade, farm to table cuisine by Emily!